I Was a PlayStation Virigin

Originally published for Digitalgyrl on August 10, 2013.

This summer I gained an appreciation for the serene and artistic, discovered an awesome story driven game (my fav type), and added Nathan Drake to my list of digital crushes.

In the spirit of full disclosure, let me preface that I have boycotted Sony since November of 2005 for personal grievances that I won’t go into here. So when I bemoaned that a game that sounded cool was PlayStation only, a friend offered to lend his PS and I protested. Undeterred, he brought the system over in a silver attache case that I warily opened halfway expecting a deadly weapon ala Bond films. What I experienced instead was more like opening a treasure chest. I was launched into a journey of exclusive PlayStation games and it was epic.

The docket, in order of play:

  • Journey
  • Heavy Rain
  • Uncharted:Drake’s Fortune; Uncharted 2: Among Thieves; Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception

Journey – serene and artistic

I mentioned Journey to a PlayStation enthusiast coworker who exuberantly lent it to me. I’ve never played anything like it and the experience has stayed with me long after I returned it. The game is played intuitively. It wordlessly evokes an emotional sense of adventure and danger experienced through music, sound hints, puzzles, and exploration. The developers used a unique intuitive gameplay that is engaging and creative while your nameless character explores an environment that feels both post apocalyptic and yet is artistically, hauntingly beautiful. While I yearn to know the origins of the situation, the story is perfect in its mysterious nature. Just go experience this!

Heavy Rain – story driven choices affect your game experience

Wow, just wow. Awesome storytelling and action with dozens of alternative endings all based on your choices throughout the game. It is true interactive storytelling experienced via several different characters who all bring something unique to the game play. The story is moody and exciting, tugs at the heartstrings and gives those edge of the seat moments. It was like being a character (not an actor) in a favorite movie. Just amazing. I cannot recommend this game enough and the voice acting is phenomenal.

Uncharted Series – exciting, challenging, and humorous

The story and action is Indiana Jones on steroids: lots of satisfying enemy mow-downs , dangerous exploration, tempting archeological loot, and puzzles. This series is just phenomenal and hey, it even promotes history and classical literature. For example, Uncharted 3’s premise includes elements involving T.E. Lawrence and a fabled location from a story in the 1,001 Arabian Nights. Fun and humour abound throughout the entire story without getting overly silly;  perusing the margins of Drake’s journal is worth several chuckles. You get a sense of camaraderie and rivalry from Drake and his associates due the the superb script and voice acting. Recurring characters are true to nature, the characters grow and more is learned about them as you progress. The whole series was a hoot and I am really looking forward to new entries.

And so….yea, boycott over, I’m won over. I’m even plan on purchasing the new PS4 eventually. What a happy ending! I loved every one of the games I played and I have the best enablers… er, friends!

Tribe collecting score: 4

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  • Literary Fiction
  • Voice Actors
  • Story Scripting