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The Pleasure of Sharing

A group of friends were at my place and I was telling them how much fun the Firefly board game is. When one friend asked what the game was about, we quickly learned that he had never seen the television show. I couldn’t let him remain in ignorance of the amazing storytelling that was the Firefly series, so he went home DVDs in hand with homework to view them ASAP. The next weekend he returned the DVDs and gave me me a big high five. He’d loved it, of course and singled Jayne out as his favourite character. It was a lot of fun to see him embrace Firefly as enthusiastically as I do and now I have a new buddy who can banter quotes from the show. I’m also happy to have gained Joss Whedon a new follower.

The Pleasure of Sharing

It goes to show that you may think you understand someone’s interests based on the activities you know they like (attends hockey games every Friday) or their outward appearance (wears favourite team’s licensed clothing), but the people you surround yourself with are rarely that one dimensional. You may never know until you expose them to something you are passionate about; you could be surprised by something you have a common interest in. In  my case, it spawned my own marathon viewing of Firefly.

And if you’re curious about the game here is an great review on another blog I read:

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Fantasy Flight Summer

It’s been a Fantasy Flight summer. For the uninitiated, Fantasy Flight is a tabletop game publisher.

It all started with X-Wing, which I have been playing for awhile, but my interest was rekindled this summer. Friends stopped by for a visit from out of town and brought the Tantive V, one of the the large ship expansions and a new play mat.

Then a friend at work brought in his favourite game, Android Netrunner. I immediately loved it for its interesting asynchronous game play and cyberpunk game setting. We play it at lunch every chance we can get. The game is challenging yet quick enough to play during lunch break. I’m usually on the losing end, but my buddy has been playing a lot longer and knows all the tricks. When I beat him, it feels like a real victory. My husband brought the core set home and I showed him the ropes.

Finally, a friend’s blog post inspired me to get  The Lord of the Rings the Card Game. It became an instant obsession. It’s strategic and cooperative, plus you can build decks with your favourite heroes from the books.  You play scenarios in order as a campaign along a specific story line.  There a a slew of card packs and expansions to buy, so I can keep collecting for some time. So far I’m a big fan of the dwarves, myself.

Check out Steve’s blog post about it. That is what peaked my interest. Steve, Parker, and I used Lackey CCG to play online together, since we don’t live nearby one another. We recorded our first game together and played the first scenario. Steve put it up on YouTube. It’s a bit long, but it’s very introductory and you can see the fantastic artwork. There’s a comprehensive list of the contributors here.

Here’s a playlist in case you want to keep up with future videos:

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