How I’m Spending My Time These Days

Things on Tribe Collecting have been a little slow lately, but I’m still being productive. A lot of my energy is being directed towards The Lord of the Rings the Card Game that I started playing this summer. The game is so much fun and I can’t help but infectiously get my friends playing, too. I have mentioned it here before. I am part of the WWPD Fellowship where we create playthrough videos of the game, write articles, and have just launched our first podcast! Here’s a link to the podcast: You can also download it on itunes – search for WWPD app. As of this posting, we were breaking 100 downloads. Not too shabby! In the podcast you can find out why I like this game so much and what initially attracted me to it.

What’s the WWPD? A website created by Steven McLauchlin that has become one of the foremost authorities on the game Flames of War, a tabletop miniatures wargame by Battlefront and covers other wargames as well. I met Steven because of this site and my shared interest in Flames of War. See my post on Rob Turner’s blog about visiting the Battlefront factory in Malaysia.  Through a shared love for LOTR LCG  Steven, Parker, and I, all FoW players, formed the WWPD Fellowship. It started with playing and recording games on a virtual desktop and branched out into writing articles and now podcasting about this terrific game.

I invite you to take a peek at how I’ve been spending my time these days, here’s a comprehensive list of my LOTC LCG endeavors:


Outpost Zero


WWPD Fellowship playlist

Let’s Play Lord of the Rings LCG playlist





Phew, now that I listed that all out, it seems kind of exhausting!


Tribe collecting score: 8

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  1. They are going really well, thanks. Naw, I don’t think I will post about them here. Articles of that nature I will typically post on OutPostZero. Twitter is my media for that stuff using the @WWPDFellowship account.

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