Minimalist Tech Travel Part Two: The Best Carry-on Complement

I took a minimalist approach for my travel adventure in February. My goal was to bring only one carry on bag AND pack all essentials for a two-week trip to Southeast Asia. Thus I embarked on a quest to find some awesome gear so I could carry everything I needed with me in the airplane cabin. I also wanted my tech items easily accessible to keep me occupied on the long plane rides. Read about my first investment here: Zuca carry-on. My second investment was the Scottevest Chloe Glow Hoodie.

Chloe Glow Hoodie in Ember

Chloe pocket illustration. Photos from Scottevest and Think Geek

This cool X-Ray image from Think Geek, where I got mine in “Ember” red, shows all the pockets with items inside. The item was on for a great sale and has become an important stable in my wardrobe. I knew the hoodie would not be perfect for the warm weather I am going to be in, but knew also that I would get more regular use out of it than I would a travel vest, for example. The hoodie was perfect for the plane, since I tended to get chilly. In fact, I used the Chloe daily all winter and spring after I got it instead of a carrying a purse. It has 13 pockets with suggestions as for what each pocket could be used for. Here’s what I packed in the Chloe for the plane and I didn’t even use every pocket:

  1. passport
  2. boarding tickets
  3. mobile phone
  4. ear buds
  5. glasses
  6. chapstick
  7. wet naps
  8. kashi bars
  9. keys
  10. cash
  11. ID
  12. credit cards
  13. pill box
  14. pen
  15. stylus
  16. paperback book

More features

The hoodie has dedicated pockets for a camera, extra memory cards, a small tablet, and glasses with an attached chamois cloth. There’s a system in place to run your ear buds into the hood so there are no dangling wires.  The best thing about the hoodie is I don’t feel like I have all of that in my pockets; I don’t look bulky and it fits comfortably. The hood zips all the way up so I can cover my face if I need to catch some Zs in the airport. Going through security was a breeze – I just put my hoodie into a bin and my carry on the conveyor. I also felt secure carrying all my important documents with me because most of the pockets are inside the clothing, so it’s less likely that someone can pickpocket you. I was in Thailand during a political upheaval so making sure my passport was safe was very important in case I needed to prove my citizenship to my consulate.

Scottevest Obsession

After I decided on the Chloe, but before I purchased, I checked out the Scottevest site. They have really cool stuff and I wanted everything! SeV has clothes with enough pockets for all the things I need to carry with me so of course this quest cued a Scottevest obsession that has since seen me purchase 2 more items (Molly [17  pockets!] & Trench). My enthusiasm has rubbed off on my friends who love the items as well. Scottevest is part of my zombie apocalypse plan – I won’t need to fill my pockets with tech, but they will suit just as well for various smaller accouterments needed for survival. Tribe collecting score: 3

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